day 9 – nerves, laughter, love

1. nerves

come for a drink?
i shouldn’t
but i do
and, to my surprise,
you’re there alone

you tell me i’m wearing too much lipstick
and the honesty is refreshing

drive me back?
i shouldn’t
but i do
and, frantically uncertain,
i invite you in

you tell me you’re not going home
and the truthfulness of it resonates

2. laughter

you laugh and tell me you’re capable of saying anything
to manipulate me into hating or loving you
in this moment

i laugh and tell you i’m better at reading you than you think
and that you’re nervous and i can feel it in your chest
and hear it in your voice

you laugh, conceding begrudgingly and wrap yourself around me
proclaiming it’s not because you want to kiss me
and i have cigarette breath

i laugh and kiss you anyway

3. love

this is not and
never will be

(but it is fun)


day 6, day 7

a. day 6 – imagery, and later…, and later still…

1. imagery

day spent in bed,
thoughts tormented by imagery
vivid imaginings of body upon body
lips upon lips

you in some distant place
with some unknown face

2. and later…

and later, an autumn evening
brimming with melodies
and reassurance
steals you from me and
places you where you belong
(in your own city,
in your own bedroom
with your own belongings,
your own jealousies
and your own lust)
and leaves me light,
surrounded by friends
and teeming with laughter

3. and later still…

and later still, an old friend in new light entertains me
until dawn blooms and the hummingbird outside my window wakes

we fall asleep fully clothed, innocent and excited
and i feel something i haven’t felt for a long, long time

i feel better than you, purer than you, distant from you
and the future reinvents itself, uncertain and endless,
as the midday sun peeks through the window to wake me

b. day 7

haiku for fun

yes, my gatekeeper
frightful boardgames and laughter
and someone to hold

day 3 – w, anti-apology to an unspecified someone, a friendly hello to self-destruction

1. w

well, the wanting wanes
as i wash away the debris
left in my wake –
feel my wrath;
i am living it

2. anti-apology to an unspecified someone

i did something to someone
and i wondered how i’d feel
if someone did the same to me
as this someone is fragile
in the same ways i am

i tried to feel sorry
but i’m not
and i’d do it again

3. a friendly hello to self-destruction

i am falling off the rails again
but with composure this time,
diplomatically burning everything,
embracing its emergence
just as i will its end
and its inevitibility

day 1 – thank you, old friend

i was out to wrong someone
(probably myself,
as these things usually go)

the hour approached and
your hand was near my leg
the hour passed and
your hand was on my leg

we tried to be nice to one another
but there were two ghosts in the room
so we spoke of heart ache
and i drove you home


today is not a day for ghosts

i will not climb into the attic
to wake the slumbering dust
and peruse old photographs
of some man named landon
who liked hockey
and family

today the sun is shining
today is not a day for ghosts


stiff drink, so as not to think
of this day – the clock ticks deafeningly

lush red berries, the colour of fresh blood,
mock melancholy endings with magnificence
the waves lap calmly upon the shore
but i am frantic and my heart hammers in response

i cling to you like a frightened child
i am a frightened child
we are frightened children

sometimes, on darker days,
i dream of marrying the ocean here