something lost found its way to me today
and i wrote a note on it that said,
“who do you belong to?”
as if i expected it to write back



my outfit reminds you of mini mouse
you can’t keep your eyes or your hands
off of me, lost in bows and polka dots

i think about the people i have made want to die
i think about the people who have made me want to die

i hope we can be kind to one another

i am not a commodity of affection
i am the books i read and
the moon reflecting in my eyes
as i sit quietly in my favourite
chair on the porch
i am cigarettes and alcohol
and impulsive impurity
i am a wild creature
i am home cooked dinner,
but never dessert
i am absolute procrastination
i am dressed like a wood elf today
i am ancient egypt,
spelled out in hieroglyphs
i am an icecream cone
at the lake in the sun
i am summer lilacs and
a discontent teal sea
i am lovelier than ever


nobody asked you how you felt
about this little seance
your ghosts emerge involuntarily
from shadowy corners

love is something different to everyone
love is something different everytime i feel it

these days i forget to water my plantsĀ and i smile quite often
every man i kiss wants to make me a wife
and i am always flattered and
sometimes tempted and
often frightened and
usually flighty

love is my wilting plants on the sill
love is my uninvited ghosts attending our dinner party

las vegas

stop joking about going to las vegas and getting married
or we’re going to end up in las vegas, drunk and married
actually, that doesn’t sound so bad


no, self!
i will not commiserate
with nostalgia –
this fucking trick mirror
that paints us younger
that tints the past in gold,
glimmering, effervescent sentiment –

nothing has ever been perfect
especially not for me

there was never a day as sunny
as this sappy storybook imagination
recalls – you are not so handsome
after all