spend too much time interpreting
zeros and ones between
the lines of reality

to a new year in a better place

a landmark tomorrow for which
i will be fully present

collected in the absence of
imaginary enemies,
frail only when warranted

attempt to swim before
succumbing to drowning

do not assign nostalgia
the facade of utopia

highlight and underline
the important parts

do not incorporate love into
notions of impending doom

let all the overwhelming sensations
of joy echo uninterrupted

write less poems to do
with cigarettes and
anyone’s ex lovers


december 30, 2014

‘i’m your man’ blares from the speakers and
i acknowledge the unintentional miracle
happening here

so what if being vertical
took some extra effort
this morning

catching snowflakes in my staticky hair,
my largest problems are
loving too much and
having a job

i can’t keep dates straight

insecurity takes the stage,
dressed in stripes and denim and
sure i am only dreaming but
the insinuations are concrete

i own all the ways
in which i dress myself
up or down in the face of bad
news or timing

you have said some things but
i have swallowed them smiling,
never asked for an antidote
or even an explanation

when you tell me things are this way
because of distance and
not fate or favour or infatuation,
parts of me die

casual romantics choke on responses
that don’t sound too sincere or insecure

i dreamt the meteor shower
much grander than
i’m sure it was

i call you a liar when you say
no one is keeping score because
someone is always keeping score

what is this cultural phenomenon

tipping things over and
being out of touch
with our feelings

a bathtub full of lavender honey later,
you are still a liar and
we are still doing it all wrong

what it is

resign to what it is and pluck
summations of depressive tendencies
from bukowski’s pages,
drunk enough to drain metaphors
for all they’re worth

resign to what it is and assign
appropriate archetypes to anomalies
from yesterdays,
as if i need permission to be
a poet


anywhere i haven’t been before
is a sort of wonderland

tonight a wintry zoo
with festive decorations and
an elephant who paints pictures
wandering timidly through
colourfully lit pathways

tomorrow the geminid meteor shower,
my sign announcing itself and
although i don’t bank much on astrology
i have felt so insignificant lately –
who wouldn’t want to see
a fragment of herself
blazing across the night sky?

there is magic in everything and
i am alive again