reasons why walking is good for depression

store exuberance in temporary vessels
as sunlight hits untouched corners,
cobwebs gleaming suddenly
(and involuntarily)

grasp at nostalgic metaphors and
assign all this a purpose because
the only time you really want to quit
is when your nerves forget themselves

compartmentalize for love’s sake,
using words like “pure” and “gleaming”,
using time like a drawing board
in the diluted blue of late afternoon

forget the implied anger of
a frothing creek, usually frozen over
or babbling merrily, along with
the need to personify everything

coax the breeze with every inclination
to secretly believe yourself
ancient and enchanted, rather than
a mechanical sum of moving parts

february 23, 2015

dripping from awnings
of century old buildings,
water droplets sing

i fight shedding frantically
which leads to that taboo
i don’t like to mention

i fight growth subtly
which leads to that taboo
i don’t like to mention

but i have given it form and
you have given it power and
i am just a reflection in a muddy puddle

february 20, 2015

i am saturated with light and sound,
ready to throw the television
off the front porch

i can’t stop thinking about how easy
earthworms have it, but
i guess that’s subjective

uncorked intensity like
expensive champagne
leaves me drunk and petty

february 18, 2015

lemons are out of season
but the bartender
ruins my beer with one

this is a bar for skeletons
and bailey rolls her eyes
at my perceptions of time

peddling the wheels
of a stationary bicycle,
i am nothing if
i feel nothing

february 8, 2015

even the dog’s ears perk up
at ‘the fall of the house of usher’

sometimes i feel like
a recycled soda bottle

sometimes i feel like
an exotic bird

sometimes i feel like
a narcissist

tonight i don’t especially care
about any of these things

tonight i give rise to my right
to feel all of them

february 7, 2015

globes a sad trick,
bolstering egos to believe they could
hold the world in wrinkled palms

to love is to celebrate

so i will be
throwing confetti
with strangers
while you pursue
your purest goals

(because my love
does not come
with permission)