march 26, 2015

glance down
at a set of wings



things are alive


march 25, 2015

midway through a meltdown
in awe of venus

keep giving you chances to
define house and home,
keep winding up crying to
midnight ghosts

all this spring sludge
and stale smoke

march 24, 2015

a moment for the moon

spring mist on
cracked windshield

visit old homes
all over town
on impulse

a brief moment of
ecstatic patriotism
between ember offerings
to a pull out ashtray

you want to speak
but i am busy with

spring mist on
cracked windshield

a moment for the moon


how do i explain

how fucking red those berries were
how the moon could steal you
a stomach with a conscience
a heart as a thunderstorm

how you may not think
those careless thoughts now, but
how i haven’t thought
those careless thoughts ever

how this is all more significant than
how i or anyone else
could suck your dick

march 19, 2015

frightened animal eyes and
a silence meant for

the birds are chirping outside and
you are desaturating romance

trick mirrors and
timelines and
my poor wilting
flowers for feelings

march 16, 2015

romanticizing montreal
over weak coffee and
a pop song that will
flit about my head
all day like a
fly in summer

the captain’s hat is
an illusion which
i’m sure you’ve
seen through
by now