hi, downtown

mechanical monsters mold skyline
scrape metal, a man in a neon vest nods
hello, what do i think about revitalization, claims
the jaw chattering gentleman on the curb
would have his head for feeding
his family, just looks ignored
to me, i don’t think all
these machines need
to indicate we’ve lost
our humanity

this is my poem, i am the protagonist

this is not about
vehicles or dishes or
whether or not you ever
dug up the garden or
did your taxes or
fixed my wardrobe
that you forcefully

this is about me,
the human parts, that
have flattened out like
pancakes under your
inability to empathize or
shut the fuck up for
two seconds so
i can finish a

the human parts, that
lose oxygen like butterflies
in jars at the hands of
cruel children, whose
excuses you also share:
didn’t know
didn’t learn
didn’t think

the thing about good intentions
is that they should translate
into tangible actions

august 13, 2015/i don’t care whether you agree that women are oppressed in traditional relationships

of course you don’t
see the problem, you
are the problem

you own rooms during
conversations, challenge
any indication i might
have a well formulated opinion
with petty threats and theft
and stamina

when i am right you
need to remind me i
am also wrong about
some things

i take deep breaths,
stop shaking, find
justification for
your actions because
god knows you won’t
ever make it up to me

28 years on this planet and
you still haven’t figured out
that the word “but” should
never follow an apology or
that love is not something
you beat to death over
your own pride

i know you are bigger
can talk louder
and longer

summer 2015

comfortable speaking in
body language, not
stuttering out rough consonants
letting the rest get stuck
at the back of your throat
drowning next time you
sip on something

so what if you are
overcompensating, at
least you are

find my bearings in
the parking lot
not quite what
you meant by
get home in
one piece, but
it still