this is my poem, i am the protagonist

this is not about
vehicles or dishes or
whether or not you ever
dug up the garden or
did your taxes or
fixed my wardrobe
that you forcefully

this is about me,
the human parts, that
have flattened out like
pancakes under your
inability to empathize or
shut the fuck up for
two seconds so
i can finish a

the human parts, that
lose oxygen like butterflies
in jars at the hands of
cruel children, whose
excuses you also share:
didn’t know
didn’t learn
didn’t think

the thing about good intentions
is that they should translate
into tangible actions


3 thoughts on “this is my poem, i am the protagonist

  1. You’re writing really well about someplace I used to live….a long time ago, before I entered a VERY traditional marriage by way of a very liberal one…the same marriage. We must all be able to make our own choices.

    • absolutely, yes. and to be honest this site is my outlet – everything i write is very honestly meant in its time but also very one sided. nothing is perfect. despite the flaws in my current relationship and the fact that i feel this way sometimes, it is always improving and there is a lot of love. i think everyone struggles in every marriage/partnership to find their roles and tends to test boundaries while doing that. i’m just a very strong willed lady, who tries not to accept what i don’t deserve, but balancing that with really loving someone is so tricky. sorry, that was a bit of an essay.

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