make your own jewellery

looking at the craft store heat gun,
imagining all the opinions i could
burn into tree trunks for you
to wear around your neck

i could forge the metal
to fit around any finger


october 25, 2015

tufts of my voice remain and
i am throwing things because
you are a bull sometimes

this does not mean
you don’t also do nice things
like make me tea in hopes
that we can speak again

no need to get offended
by the grey area

liberal canada!

harper retires –
there are tides here and
the tar is drying up

conservative types
think we are a communist country now,
greet change with arched backs, baring teeth

i guess some people swear
by bleeding oil

a leader doesn’t govern with fear,
islamophobia gets the fuck out of our government
and i sit back, skeptical but optimistic,
for the first time in nearly ten years

october 17, 2015

know which door
this key unlocks
in a dingy bar basement
gone to the dogs

must be growing up
when i don’t take the turbulence
as a sign to crash the plane


the flight gives you a good idea about
what other people smell like and
sound like when they snore

this is where people go to fall all over each other
and arrange trash bags in a linear fashion
along narrow sidewalks

a rusting tower is telling me it will miss me
in sloppy white graffiti lettering
and i believe it

at the overpriced lie of a japanese restaurant,
you find excuses for only ever making art
about beautiful things that break you

at the manhattan bound ferry dock,
the looming bow parts shoreline trash
for passengers to make metaphors about