november 8, 2015

it is hard not to love the idea
of abandoning you for an airplane
and placing all my emotion in
thriving jungle landscape and
costa rican highway.

i could do that,
you know.

i could take the sunset as a lover,
i could use kilometers as a tool
to leave you lonely.

i could wake up each morning
to the sounds of something chirping
and my insides mending.

the problem with placing yourself
in a clumsy person’s hands
is that they will drop you
and important parts
will break.

if they have a heart,
they will always be sorry,
but it won’t matter much when
they have shattered most of the
elements you need to function.

and when eventually forgiveness
lies in fragments on the floor,

you get ready to light something on fire.

you get ready to wake up sorry.

you get ready to walk away.


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