january 25, 2016

on certain occasions
there are jewels
in the eyes

maybe a future full of
fresh peaches and
speckled skyline

i break
so easily

i had a whim,
acted on it,
might see it through

need to make some phone calls

love is a strange thing that
rearranges your body parts
all the time


january 20, 2016

my father is in mexico
probably hating his wife
because she deserves it
and thinking about how
his mother’s legs still
worked a week ago

nobody wanted
to tell him

i had to make that
phone call

it’s so very hard to watch
skin turn translucent
over powdery bone

but the doctors are asking my
86 year old grandmother
if she’s ever been shot,
could be pregnant,
has any tattoos

we all feel very young
in the moment

every outlet will
claim to know some secret,
obvious, ancient or
otherwise in
the desperate hours

shed your own
damn skin and
walk around counting
lights in city windows,
the number of people
consciously living

love is not a
six step process or
239 page book or
well meaning parent

january 13 2015

golden and glowing
on the corner when
i tell you the sadness
lessened its grip this year

and you give me a hug
like we’re still just kids
leaning on buildings
after school

good god,
i miss smoking in your mother’s house
and writing the lyrics to
my favourite songs
on your bedroom walls

i love you, bowie

hail the beam of glitter
who would take my
awkward twiddling thumbs
and give them rhythm

permission to paint on
the face of your warrior
and never stop being prolific
for fear of being worse

toast a constellation and
stop giving a fuck