small thoughts in central america

monkeys seem like
better versions of ourselves,
all comfortable with being naked
and the impulse to throw things

there is violence in
gentle physicality

there is violence in
the night sky

saw an iguana have another,
alpha male rough

people shouldn’t have each other that way
but they do

we seek our wisdom here

genius is
too much weather and
a steady supply of

someone says samurai sacrifice

i had a stalker once

it relates but
i don’t care
to talk about it

it feels nice to have a drink
and a lover at home
and a mostly good heart

it feels nice to know
the living occupy
a physical space

it feels nice to watch
awestruck as time defines
those physical spaces

she says
‘your ancestors were stupider than you
but they were more spiritual
and in less of a hurry
and art is slow’

everything is subjective
so the travel books
confuse me

i didn’t know
there were such things
as predictable secrets

beautiful youngsters
study ancient civilizations,
in hopes of curing weakness
with old world wisdom

i’m a terrible nemesis

i always
end up relating



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