i don’t have words
for mourning

reluctant forward motion

feed the guests,
change the sheets,
prepare the samples

someone else’s
best interest
in mind

money is fluid
and slipping away

my generation is
not lazy,
just stunted
by factors
harder to understand
than stereotypes

soon to unravel,
feeling it in the bones



hello this is
drunken stupidity
at your doorstep
now and forever

empty cans

some nights
we laugh
some nights
i cry
between sips
this liquid
is particularly problematic
genetically for me
it’s easy to
brush it off
as a good time
as an easy mistake
it’s hard to
drink less

sailor moon

always wanted to be sailor jupiter.
she had a physical confidence i didn’t.
when my mom kept bringing home unfamiliar men
i had a dream
jadeite fed her some poisonous pie.
usually had the urge to
slap usagi since
all her problems were
self created.
still hope we might all be sailor scouts.
still banking on a destiny protecting the moon.