the other platforms

do you have twitter?  instagram?  i’m trying to build my social media (coincidentally, my personal hell) because it’s a good way to get people to read and care about your writing.  let’s connect perhaps out of obligation and also (maybe, hopefully) because there is the spark of common ground between us and we want to listen intently to one another.

AND here’s my website!


this is familiar

scapegoat comes around, it’s
a blizzard out there, we’re
putting too much
into fate

so much that,
if it does exist,
it’s surely caving
under pressure

and all the parts of my body
that seek easy validation
howling with the

waxing while
we wane


i got accepted
into 3 publications, maybe
somebody interviews me, maybe
success doesn’t mean anything if
you feel like a fraud, maybe
i am made of sea foam,

self-destruct mode sleeping while
i pass out thinking maybe
i should have, maybe

you won’t burn this entirely
to the ground, maybe
i will ask for more

next time

march 16, 2016

i want the parts
i lent you

don’t want to
further your art career

don’t want to
give you something
to write home about

don’t want to
let a room full of strangers
in on my abuse
when i didn’t know
it was happening

march 14, 2016

feet planted
and purposed

carting soul fragments
around the network,
begging approval
from people with
time to spare

your mother
on the telephone
imposter syndrome

feel how warmly you’re
looking at me

speak nicely
to my sadness

march 6, 2016

at mount pleasant cemetery
the compartments for ashes
remind me of an apartment complex

we set my grandmother
on the ground floor,
directly across the street
from her dearest friend

my grandfather buys
the unit next to her
so they can coexist
in the next life too

assume the worst
from silence

the problem
with being a writer
is sitting around
waiting for someone
to let you know
if you made it
if they’ll pay you
if your soul on a platter
was interesting enough