the sky looks low, i
am growing all my own vegetables to
prove something i can’t really
explain to you

spat out of the spiral’s mouth, it’s
starting to feel more and more
like pretend, but i’m
still determined to
see it through

may 30, 2016

sky is slate
is drizzling
is a reminder that
there must be a cap
on all of this shit and
the earthworms are
writhing in swells
of polluted rain

i am undone
my dress

it’s the small comforts, your
body keeping me grounded
when i could just

but at 5am i
disappear anyway

back here, spiral

there is a better thing than
jotting who and what down on
lined pieces of paper with
a dying pen

it kills me the way you
spit the heavy things out and
let them weigh on me then
shrug your shoulders

a lot of
sky to drown in

past lives

ok so
i bit the bullet

and  it’s not even like
i forgot how to use

all the lilacs are flirting
with the blob that is
a star that is
the sun

and in the rear view through
the mountains, we know
anniversaries are just
emotional weeds

may 8, 2016

approximately eight warning shots later,
i still don’t like guns

if i’m so luminous,
why didn’t you find me sooner,
why’d you waste your time with
all that careless filler, there are
studies about that you know

(no question marks
because the questions are either
rhetorical, empty or loaded)

and i buy you an ice cream cone
on a day that’s smooth because
i am too busy to think about
how unhappy i am

and it’s not smooth anymore
when we get home, because
the bed has tentacles and i can’t stop
counting all the holes in my breathing

may 6, 2016

cherry blossoms bloom,
province breaks out in flame

time goes by but
not in the way you remember

heading south for a dip in a pool,
dinner in our best dress,
trip to the zoo

garden sowed and sleepy still
but soon it all grows like
i have in time’s jagged patterns,
it will under blankets of ash

mid-week blues

let’s take
a moment to desaturate this, don’t
let it crawl across your
flickering eyelids, traipse
through your successes

leave it to us to find
wonder in shadows, carefully
travelling backward through
time and into closetspace