hi, this is an update!

i’ve been taking a little blog hiatus for a number of reasons, but i wanted to pop in & let you know where you can find me these days.  i’m sure that once life slows (likely after the summer), i’ll get back to posting here often.

1) i’ve started putting together a chapbook of poems, in hopes i might be able to make a little $$$ from my writing, so i’m not putting many things out there right now.  i also have a few zines for sale already & put up new poems sometimes on my my website.
2) i’ve started an online publication where i share inclusive art of all varieties every couple of days.
3) i spoke with someone who has had some success writing erotica.  although it isn’t something that really calls out to me, it’s a challenge and i’m trying it out (under a writing alias).  of course, i can’t do anything half-assed so it’ll be a series of issues that look at relationships between people of all genders, sexualities, races etc. (not your standard whitewashed, “his big rod bulged” sorta thing).  so basically, i’m writing socially conscious erotica?  anyway, hoping to bring some quality writing and emotional intimacy into the literary romance world.  i’ve finished the first issue & you can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Real-Love-Issue-Buffalo-National-ebook/dp/B01IRPOA28/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1469118249&sr=1-1&keywords=daisy+and+sal#nav-subnav.  i’ve applied a promotion, so tomorrow through sunday, you can download it free.  if you do download it, please leave a review!

okay, thanks, you rule!  more poems in the future!


the other platforms

do you have twitter?  instagram?  i’m trying to build my social media (coincidentally, my personal hell) because it’s a good way to get people to read and care about your writing.  let’s connect perhaps out of obligation and also (maybe, hopefully) because there is the spark of common ground between us and we want to listen intently to one another.

AND here’s my website!

attention twitter poets

if you’re a writer/publisher/creative, let’s hang out on the internet!  i quite dislike twitter, but i’ve found it’s a really good way to find out about submission opportunities (and also a good way to put thoughts nobody cares about into the universe).  i want to hear your nonsense.


occult geometry

i’d like to remind you all again of the monthly zine i’m helping to curate and design.  please send your submissions on this month’s subject of “seasonal transitions” to occultgeometryzine@gmail.com.  we are primarily keeping this a literary zine, however we are still very much in need of any mediums of visual art to accompany the wonderful writing.  as well, we’re still accepting poetry and prose submissions so keep those coming!  submissions will close on august 29 and the first issue of occult geometry will be available september 1.

if you submit, please include a bio as we want to promote you!  all contributors will be mailed a physical copy of the zine (if you’re comfortable providing me with your mailing address).